Storage Sheds

A Santa Rosa-model cedar storage shed

The simple, simplistic storage shed has come a long way from its utilitarian roots on the grounds of countless American farms. While the storage sheds of yesteryear were often cobbled together from scrap wood and sometimes thrown together without regard to decorative effect (or even craftsmanship,) the modern storage shed is an elegant, weatherproof addition to any home’s main house and carport.

But the great advantage of any storage shed, regardless of its decorative appeal, remains its versatility.There are probably as many uses for storage sheds as there are varieties and models, with a wide range of sizes as well.

Storage Shed Construction

Most modern storage sheds are made from the same traditional materials as their forebears: wood and metal remain perennial favorites, but modern storage sheds also include molded plastic and vinyl models that afford a greater amount of convenience and weatherproof security. Nevertheless, wooden sheds remain the most aesthetically appealing, and many homeowners prefer the rugged durability of cedar sheds and garden buildings for their backyard.

Matching The Building Material To Your Purpose

If you’re looking for a straightforward addition to your property that’s purely functional (for example, storing hardware or landscaping equipment,) you’ll likely want to invest in a metal outbuilding or vinyl coated shed. These will protect your machinery from the elements with a maximum of stability and durability. For more genteel uses, including storing gardening tools and seeds, a wooden or cedar outbuilding offers plenty of enclosed floor space but with greater decorative appeal.

Children’s Cottages and Playhouses

Storage Sheds

A children's cottage playhouse

Closely related to the garden shed is the child’s playhouse or cottage. Essentially, these delightful children’s sets are  elaborately structured and decorated storage sheds, available in a variety of motifs and designs. Some even include porches, flower boxes and interior lofts as accessories, virtually becoming a second “house” on your property.

Some other playhouse sets include churches, fire houses, and schoolhouses. Together or separately, they make great additions to day care centers, Montessori academies, and preschools.

Five Unconventional Uses For Your Storage Shed

Of course, the storage shed has unconventional uses as well, including:

Collection display space: Storage sheds make great display spaces for sports, hobby, and memorabilia collectors.

Wine “cellar:” Oenophiles can weatherproof their choice of wooden sheds, line the insides with shelves and let their collection grow.

Man cave: Larger storage sheds, with a window-unit air conditioner and some furniture, make great places for guys to “hunker down” and enjoy their favorite pastimes.

Family museum: Store family albums, collectibles, mementos and heirlooms without taking up storage space inside the home.

Mixed use: A storage shed or playhouse doesn’t have to have just one use. For example, you may want to combine storage space with a comfortable area for the family pet, or store collectibles along with family heirlooms. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.


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