Pop-Up CanopiesPop-up canopies, sometimes universally referred to by the popular brand name EZ-Up Tent, offer the ease and convenience of rapid setup and easy transportation but without the flimsiness common to many forms of wire or frame canopies and tents.

Many pop-up canopy owners feel their pop-up canopies make the perfect accessory to their team event or small-business display. For small business owners especially, having a pop-up canopy emblazoned with the business’ logo can make a great impression when displaying merchandise at shows, conventions and exhibitions.

Easy Setup and Long-Lasting Construction

Pop-up canopies feature a unique “accordion” type structure that allows them to expand and contract for setup and takedown times that last only minutes. In fact, in most cases a single person can assemble and disassemble the canopies by themselves.

Usually, pop-up canopies feature aluminum or steel frame construction for long-lasting use. Both types of construction offer advantages and disadvantages. Aluminum is lighter, but less resistant to wear and tear. Steel is more durable, but subject to rust.
When determining what type of frame will best suit your needs, consider how much use your pop-up canopy will experience. If you plan on constant use, a steel frame model is probably better suited to your needs.

The Pop-Up Canopy Top

The quality of a pop-up canopy’s top, or covering, is expressed in Dernier: the higher the Dernier, the thicker the material. Most pop-up canopies feature polyester in their construction, either by itself or coated by a vinyl sheath. Vinyl-coated tops offer better UV protection and more resistance to water, but are also more expensive.

Graphics and Accessories

Pop-Up CanopiesPop-up canopy owners are essentially faced with two options when selecting custom graphics for their pop-up canopy tops. Many pop-up canopy retailers will offer manufacturer-printed graphics for an additional charge. A second option, called a canopy headband, features your logo or design printed on a slipover that adheres to the canopy top itself.

The most common – and popular – canopy accessory is sidewall panels, which act as “walls” around the canopy frame. Other accessories include carrying cases and weight bags that help anchor the canopy frame.