Outdoor FireplacesFun on the patio or back porch shouldn’t end just because the days grow shorter and the evenings dip into the cooler temperatures. For many homeowners, an outdoor fireplace offers an enticing means of spending clear autumn evenings under the stars, warmed by a relaxing, romantic glow.

Different Outdoor Fireplaces, Different Fuel Sources

Just like their indoor counterparts, patio and outdoor fireplaces are available in wood-burning, natural gas, liquid propane, and pellet-burning configurations. Another, smaller class of fireplace – really a cross between a fireplace and a coffee table – is known as a firepit. These innovative, typically gas-powered outdoor heating sources work great for smaller patios and backyard decks. Their fuel sources sit concealed inside their base. Meanwhile the top often features a cover to convert the firepit surface to a normal table area.

Knowing Where to Put Your Outdoor Fireplace or Firepit

The base you need for your outdoor fireplace depends on what kind of floor or foundation you currently have in place. Though exact specifications will vary according to model, many outdoor fireplaces and fire pits need a stone or concrete surface on which to sit. This gives them a solid base and reduces the risk of fire or burning of wooden or bare-ground surfaces.

Making Sure Your Fireplace Is Ready For The Great Outdoors

Fire PitsIt’s important to remember that outdoor fireplaces are a special class with a different construction than traditional, indoor fireplace models. In fact, most indoor and dual-sided fireplaces are not qualified for outdoor use, as normal humidity and precipitation can seriously damage their components. If you’re planning to use a fireplace outdoors, it’s therefore vital to choose an outdoor fireplace.

How Big An Outdoor Fireplace Do You Need?

When choosing an outdoor fireplace, consider the area of the space you want to warm, but also whether you need the fireplace or firepit for decorative purposes more than warming. If you’re shopping for something to warm an outdoor area, carefully study the BTU capacity of each model, and also its fuel efficiency (also called burn time.)